Invisible Braces - Clearstep

Clearstep is a unique approach to orthodontics which can help you achieve the smile that you have always wanted - invisibly.

Clear positioners are worn in a series, for two weeks at a time and are designed to gently align your teeth in incremental stages.

At Pinnacle Orthodontics, we strive to ensure that when undertaking orthodontic treatment, it impacts as little as possible on your daily life. This is why we have designed our approaches to be 'invisible' at the front of the mouth, on the whole removable and to have a minimal impact on speech. Treatment may initially feel strange or uncomfortable, as the teeth are being placed under gentle pressure, but any discomfort should quickly subside.


However, whilst very good at aligning crooked teeth, closing small gaps and generally straightening your smile, in more complex cases, using clear positioners alone is not always the most suitable treatment approach.

What is involved?

We work closely with Clearstep to provide the best treatment plan tailored to suit your individual needs.

At your initial consultation, we will take impressions of your teeth and a series of x-rays and photographs so that a full diagnosis and treatment plan can be carried out.

Once the diagnosis is completed, (this takes approximately 3 weeks) we will be able to discuss with you your treatment options in order to decide the most suitable approach for you. Clearstep will then produce your first stage of treatment.

Each box of Clearstep positioners that you are provided with contains eight different colour coded positioners to enable your treatment to progress sequentially over a period of weeks.

Impressions will be taken at the end of each box of treatment so that your progress can be reviewed and the next phase of treatment implemented.

Once your treatment is completed you will be provided with final retainers that are to be worn at night time, to maintain your teeth in their current position and to ensure that they do not relapse.

Over the course of treatment, you will see your smile gradually transform to the one that you have always wanted and by the time your treatment is completed you will be smiling at everyone!